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affordable care act /
healthcare exchange

The Affordable Care Act, sometimes called ObamaCare, was passed by Congress with the intent to make quality healthcare insurance available to every American. Beginning last fall, Americans who did not have access to healthcare insurance through their employer gained access to insurance through the federal health insurance marketplace, also known as the Exchange. Like other commercial insurance offerings, each health plan offered through the exchange has its own set of requirements, including a defined list of healthcare providers. There are three companies offering healthcare insurance on the Exchanges in the Atlanta area. Emory Hillandale Hospital is participating as an “in network” provider with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia Direct Access Products (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and the Humana Connect Products (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

Emory Hillandale Hospital is not part of the Humana HMO Network or the Kaiser Permanente Plans. If you have one of these plans and use our doctors and hospitals, your care may not be covered by the insurance.

Prices for the healthcare coverage vary based on which plan you select. Depending on your income, you may qualify for a subsidy through tax credits. To view details of all of the health insurance options available, including price and subsidy information, go to www.healthcare.gov.