Emory Decatur Hospital Sleep Center

Office Information

2665 North Decatur Rd.
Suite 435
Decatur, GA 30033
Main Phone: 404.501.5927
Alternate Phone:

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Office Hours

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Emory Decatur Hospital Sleep Disorders Center is located at 2665 North Decatur Road. We are in the medical office building at Emory Decatur Hospital.

Daytime Appointments

For appointments between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, go in the main lobby of the professional building located at 2665 North Decatur Road. The Sleep Center is on the Fourth Floor, suite 435. Please ring the doorbell for entry.


Take the U.S. Highway 78 West exit (#39A). Turn left at the second traffic light, which is DeKalb Industrial Way, and right onto North Decatur Road. Emory Decatur Hospital is one-quarter mile on the left. If you miss the turn onto DeKalb Industrial Way, continue for one-eighth of a mile and turn left onto Church Street. Turn left onto North Decatur Road. Emory Decatur Hospital is one-eighth mile on your right.


From 10th Street, turn onto Peachtree Street traveling south. Travel south on Peachtree Street for approximately 1 mile. From Peachtree Street, turn left onto Ponce de Leon Avenue/U.S. Highway 29/78/278. Travel east on Ponce de Leon Avenue for approximately 4.2 miles. From Ponce de Leon Avenue, turn left onto Scott Boulevard/U.S. Highway 23. Travel on Scott Boulevard for approximately two (2) miles. From Scott Boulevard, turn right onto North Decatur Road. Travel on North Decatur Road for approximately half a mile to the intersection of North Decatur Road and Church Street. Emory Decatur Hospital is located on the right, just past the intersection of North Decatur Road and Church Street.

Appointments after 6 p.m. and on weekends for sleep studies:

You will enter through The Wellness Center entrance on the ground floor of the 2665 building. Parking is free.


After you’ve entered from North Decatur Road, continue until you reach a stop sign on Rufus Evans Drive. Turn right onto Rufus Evans Drive. Stop at the three-way stop intersection, continue straight through it. On your right is first the 2665 Professional Office Building then lighted parking lot where you will park. Turn right into the parking lot and find a space. There is no charge for parking. Please remember you must park in this lot, not in the spaces in front of the building or parking deck.


Walk to the 2665 Professional Office Building entrance where there is an awning and automatic sliding doors. To the right of the automatic sliding doors is a manual door with a call box to its right (pictured above). Press the rectangle-shaped button with the red light (you will hear a chime if done correctly) and you will be directly connected to a Sleep Disorders Center technician on the third floor. The technician will confirm your identity and unlock the door. Walk straight ahead toward the service elevators. The technician will meet you here and take you to the Sleep Disorders Center.