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pulmonary services & Vent Weaning

Our pulmonary services are designed for patients with complex respiratory needs who require constant, meticulous monitoring. While the plan of action typically involves primary pulmonary care, secondary problems - including muscle atrophy and malnutrition - require particular attention as well. That’s why we take an interdisciplinary approach to care, involving respiratory therapists, specially trained nurses, a dietitian, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Since 2006, Emory Long-Term Acute Care has remained the only facility in the United States certified by The Joint Commission for Disease Specific Care for our work with patients diagnosed with respiratory failure, patients on a ventilator.

In September, the wound care program at our Long-Term Acute Care facility underwent its first evaluation by the Joint Commission. LTAC’s wound care program utilizes cutting-edge MIST ultrasound therapy to accelerate the rate of wound healing in patients with diabetic ulcers, amputations, and other degenerative diseases. The two-year certification is the second disease-specific certification that LTAC has achieved from the Joint Commission. Emory Long-Term Acute Care also holds a gold seal of approval in the treatment of patients who are diagnosed with respiratory failure and are on ventilators. The certifications have earned Emory Long-Term Acute Care the distinction of being the only hospital in America to hold two JACHO disease specific seals of approval.

We offer comprehensive vent weaning and pulmonary services in Atlanta, including:

  • Evaluation and treatment of respiratory needs
  • Therapist-driven weaning protocol certified by The Joint Commission for Disease Specific Care
  • Aggressive nutritional management and improved dietary habits
  • Specialized rehabilitation services
  • Swallowing evaluation and treatment to improve nutrition
  • Improved strength and function through physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Patient and family education

Conditions and diagnoses related to vent weaning treated include:

  • Respiratory deficiency requiring long-term acute care
  • Stroke/cerebral vascular accident (CVA)
  • Smoking-related Respiratory illness
  • Tracheotomy
  • Pneumonia and influenza
  • Asthma
  • Ventilator dependence (disease-specific certification through The Joint Commission for Disease Specific Care
  • Oncology

Each incoming LTAC patient is thoroughly evaluated by a cross-disciplinary team to cultivate an ideal program of rehabilitation for that particular patient. Our focused group approach, involving ancillary and LTAC nursing staff, ensures that every patient achieves the best-possible results for pulmonary services in Atlanta.

Read a Glossary of Terms related to pulmonary services.

For more information, call 404.501.6226, or contact us for more information on our pulmonary services in Atlanta.

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