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100 of our physicians named to Atlanta Magazine's Top Doctors List

June 21, 2019

One hundred physicians with privileges at Emory Decatur Hospital, Emory Hillandale Hospital and Emory Long-Term Acute Care were named “Top Doctors” in the July issue of Atlanta magazine. 
"Our medical staff has been well-represented on this list in the past and we are excited that 100 of our  physicians are being recognized this year," said Jim Forstner, CEO for the three hospitals. "Since becoming part of Emory Healthcare last September, we have seen tremendous positive change and we continue to attract many of the best physicians in Atlanta. They are invaluable partners in our commitment to earn our communities trust and deliver exceptional patient care."

Atlanta magazine’s Top Doctors list is compiled by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. whose physician-led team of researchers follows a rigorous screening process to select top doctors on both the national and regional levels. Castle Connolly seeks nominations not only of physicians who excel in academic medicine and research but also, most importantly, those who exhibit excellence in patient care. 

Congratulations to all the Top Docs affiliated with Emory Healthcare. We are very proud of those associated with Emory Decatur Hospital, Emory Hillandale Hospital, Emory Long-Term Acute Care. 
  1. Nour Abboushi, Plastic Surgery
  2. Thomas Adamkiewicz, Pediatrics
  3. Simbo Aduloju, Medical Oncology
  4. Zoubin Alikhani, Cardiac Electrophysiology
  5. Aaron Alizadeh, Medical Oncology
  6. Roosevelt Allen, Urology
  7. Wayne Ambroze, Colon & Rectal Surgery
  8. Todd Antin, Psychiatry
  9. Tosha Balfour-Williams, Radiation Oncology
  10. James Benton, Radiation Oncology
  11. Hanif Boghani, Nephrology
  12. Catherin Bonk, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  13. Gary Botstein, Rheumatology
  14. Joseph Boveri, Gynecologic Oncology
  15. Adam Bressler, Infectious Disease
  16. Darwin Brown, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  17. Pamela Brown, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  18. Michael Champney, Surgery 
  19. Sandeep Chandra, Cardiovascular Disease
  20. Bert Chen, Urology
  21. William Cleveland, Nephrology
  22. Augustine Conduah, Orthopaedic Surgery
  23. Chad Costley, Family Medicine
  24. Thomas DeMarini, Pulmonary Disease
  25. Andrew Dixon, Nephrology
  26. Anthony Dorsey, Cardiovascular Disease
  27. Edward Dourron, Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility
  28. Damien Doute, Orthopaedic Surgery
  29. Robin Dretler, Infectioous Disease
  30. Walter Falconer, Urology
  31. Charles Fox, Gastroenterology
  32. Stephen Frohwein, Cardiovascular Disease
  33. Allen Futral, Urology
  34. Lee Golusinski, Family Medicine
  35. George Gottlieb, Allergy & Immunology
  36. Ilene Grossman, Internal Medicine
  37. Richard Gullick, Neurological Surgery
  38. David Holladay, Radiation Oncology
  39. Michael Jacobson, Ophthalmology
  40. Robert Karsch, Orthopaedic Surgery
  41. Paul Kirschbaum, Cardiovascular Disease
  42. Binu Kunjummen, Interventional Cardiology
  43. Scott Lampert, Ophthalmology
  44. A.Keith Levinson, Urology
  45. Alan Levy, Surgery
  46. Jefrey Lieberman, Rheumatology
  47. Michael Lloyd, Cardiac Electrophysiology
  48. Hector Malave, Cardiovascular Disease
  49. L. Dawn Mandeville, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  50. Enrique Martinez, Gastroenterology
  51. Raoul Mayer, Colon & Rectal Surgery
  52. Michael McConnell, Pediatric Cardiology
  53. Mark McCord, Radiation Oncology
  54. Daniel McDevitt , Vascular Surgery
  55. Tracy McElveen , Radiation Oncology
  56. Lawrence McKeon, Allergy & Immunology
  57. Jay Mepani, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  58. Richard Molina, Maternal & Fetal Medicine
  59. Karen Muro, Nephrology
  60. Saied Murphy, Nephrology
  61. Chukwuma Onyeije, Maternal & Fetal Medicine
  62. Cliff Parrish, Gastroenterology
  63. Steven Patten, Internal Medicine
  64. William Paxton, Nephrology
  65. Juan Pimentel, Nephrology
  66. Mark Pollock, Sleep Medicine
  67. Michael Quinones, Surgery
  68. David Rausher, Gastroenterology
  69. Mark Rivellese, Ophthalmology
  70. William Rose, Vascular Surgery
  71. Joseph Rosenfeld, Pediatrics
  72. Ratna Sajja, Radiation Oncology
  73. Andre Scott, Surgery
  74. Atul Sharma, Ophthalmology
  75. Charles Shieh, Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery
  76. Philip Shrake, Radiation Oncology
  77. Lijo Simpson, Medical Oncology
  78. Kimberly Singh, Plastic Surgery
  79. Dominique Smith, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  80. David Song, Cardiovascular Disease
  81. Cyril Spann, Gynecologic Oncology
  82. Jayanthi Srinivasiah, Medical Oncology
  83. Jay Stallman, Ophthalmology
  84. Anna Steinberg, Family Practice
  85. Scott Steinberg, Surgery
  86. Mark Stern, Gastroenterology
  87. Steven Stewart, Family Medicine
  88. Gary Stillwagon, Radiation Oncology
  89. Steven Storey, Diagnostic Radiology
  90. Jung (John) Suh, Gastroenterology
  91. David Suh, Cardiovascular Disease
  92. Hiba Tamim, Medical Oncology
  93. Terri TenHoor, Pulmonary Disease
  94. Bassam Tomeh, Family Medicine
  95. Jeff Traub, Orthopedics
  96. Stephanie Vanderveldt, Ophthalmology
  97. Neill Videlefsky, Pediatric Cardiology
  98. Christina Weeks, Ophthalmology
  99. Joseph Weissman, Neurology
  100. Joseph Woods, Plastic Surgery