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about the cancer center

At Emory Decatur Hospital, we are committed to providing superior cancer care. We put together a team of cancer experts. We invested in technology and oncology research. We are a leading hospital in the Atlanta area in the number of patients we enroll on cancer clinical trials. Our cancer center has one of the largest genetic risk assessment programs in the city. But that wasn’t enough.

We developed the Emory Decatur Hospital Easy Access program, which enables people to call 404.501.EASY and see a cancer care specialist within 24 hours if they are concerned about the possibility of a cancer symptom. If they have been diagnosed with cancer, they can call our cancer center to arrange for a second opinion to get another oncology professional’s input on important treatment decisions.

We listened to our oncology patients’ unique struggles and responded to their stated needs. The Tree House Gang was started because patients told us how much their children were impacted by their parents’ cancer diagnoses. This group helps children cope and feel safe at a scary time in the life of their families. This program has received national recognition for its excellence.

We developed cancer care support group for patients and a support group for family members to give them the hope, inspiration and the tenacity they need to get through treatment. We provide individual counseling to address the specific issues patients face. We put in place a cancer nutrition program, providing patient consults to help oncology patients adopt the best diet for their particular circumstances. Return to Wellness grew out of patients telling us that they had trouble getting their energy back after they completed treatment. We found that a prescribed exercise regimen worked miracles in helping patients return to their pre-cancer vitality. Our cancer center also has a a monthly Hope & Healing service to nourish the challenges of the soul.

We write quarterly newsletters and books that are available free of charge to teach patients the best way to develop a cancer game plan. The bottom line is that at Emory Decatur Hospital, we have no limits to the attention we give our oncology patients and their families to make certain that they have everything they need to survive.

Cancer Care in Atlanta - Our Facilities

DeKalb Medical has four units specially designed to provide state-of-the-art clinical care to our oncology patients. These include the:

Specialized Inpatient Oncology Unit
Outpatient Infusion Center
Radiation Oncology Center
Comprehensive Breast Care Center

Our Physicians & Staff

Oncology-certified nurses and other specialty certified clinicians work alongside board-certified cancer physician specialists, including medical and hematologic oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and many more. Read more to learn about some of our Top Cancer Doctors.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life symbolizes hope and survival. In the winter the Tree looks barren and dead, but when spring comes, it bursts into new life. At Emory Decatur Hospital, we want oncology patients to gain strength from their cancer care journey. We want them to have hope and live life as freely as possible. We want them to look beyond the moment of disease to the bigger picture which encompasses the fuller meaning of life. Read some of our cancer survivors’ inspiring stories to see how their lives have been renewed.

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Emory Decatur Hospital Cancer Center
2675 North Decatur Rd.
Suite 103
Decatur, GA 30033

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