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screenings for lung cancer

It's no secret that smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer, which is why many smokers are afraid to be screened for this deadly disease. Others may be experiencing lung pain or other symptoms associated with lung cancer which makes them fearful of being tested for lung cancer. They are afraid they'll be told there's a spot on their lungs, or they'll hear that their days are numbered. If you're a smoker or if you have been exposed to asbestos or other hazardous materials, it's important that you understand these predictions are likely if you allow fear to win and do nothing. The good news is that there's a low-risk, affordable method for early detection that can put you in control of your health and help avoid these frightening outcomes.

In partnership with the Lung Cancer Alliance, the Center for Lung Health at Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Hillandale now offers a safe, low-cost screening that can detect lung cancer in its early stages when it's most treatable, something a routine X-ray can't do. Armed with the vital information this screening provides, you and your doctor will be well equipped to develop a health plan unique to your situation.

So the question is, will you let fear stop you from being screened and let your health control you, or will you register for this low-cost screening today and drastically improve your chances of living the life you want to live? The choice is yours!

Should I be screened? Click here to read about important guidelines and talk to you doctor if registering for a lung screening is right for you.

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