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what if something is found
on my screening?

If you or a loved one is screened for lung cancer and something is found, our facilities are ideally equipped to help you navigate this journey. Designated as a center of excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance, our Center for Lung Health uses NCCN best practice guidelines to most effectively care for our patients. For more information on lung cancer screening, call 404.501.SCHD.

One of the treatments offered at our facilities is stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). SBRT is an exciting new method of delivering high doses of radiation to tumors in the lung. SBRT accurately delivers a highly focused beam of radiation to the tumor while sparing the normal lung tissue surrounding the tumor. The treatment is normally delivered over the course of just one to five treatments, instead of traditional radiation therapy, which is typically delivered five days a week for as many as seven weeks.

This new development in radiation therapy for lung cancer allows us to treat early tumors in patients who are not healthy enough for traditional surgery, potentially curing these patients of cancer who otherwise would have died of their disease.

The Care Team

Our multidisciplinary team of experts utilizes the latest testing and treatment options to develop a treatment plan unique to each individual patient. There is also an opportunity for every patient to participate in an appropriate clinical trial, offering patients access to the newest drugs and treatments before they become widely available.

In addition to working with patients one on one, our multidisciplinary team holds monthly conferences to combine their knowledge and expertise in order to provide the best outcomes for our patients. Care team members include experts in the following areas:

  • Diagnostic radiology 
  • Interventional radiology 
  • Pathology 
  • Thoracic surgery 
  • Medical oncology 
  • Radiation oncology 
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Clinical trials 
  • Nurse Navigators
  • Pastoral Care

In addition to excellent clinical care, the Emory Decatur Hospital for Lung Health assists patients with smoking cessation, a key to winning the fight against lung cancer. With personal coaching from our primary care physicians as well as support groups and counseling available, you will have all the tools necessary to help you kick the habit and avoid future health issues. The Walgreens in our Professional Office Building also offers nicotine replacement products.

If you are at high risk for lung cancer, don’t let fear hold you back. Call 404.501.SCHD today and trust the experts at the Emory Decatur Hospital for Lung Health to get you on the right path. Walk with you all the way through your treatment and survivorship journey.

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