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Receive cancer treatment at our inpatient oncology unit 

Emory Decatur Hospital’s Specialized Inpatient Oncology Unit is often a cancer patient’s point of entry into our hospital system. As with most cancer treatment centers in Atlanta, the unit is specifically designed to meet the special needs of patients who have cancer. Patients who require inpatient hospital care will find a dedicated oncology unit staffed by an experienced multi-disciplinary team.

One of the Premier Inpatient Cancer Treatment Centers in Atlanta, GA

The unit is designed to provide maximum safety for patients who have severely compromised immune systems resulting from treatments for leukemia or high doses of chemotherapy. Inpatient cancer care treatment centers are also used for patients undergoing stem cell transplantation, a program of outpatient dose-intensive chemotherapy with peripheral blood stem cell support. Patients who have complicated surgeries are often put on this unit to ensure a close follow-up during their post-operative stay.

More and more chemotherapy regimens are being introduced with successful outcomes. Physicians, oncology pharmacists and nurses work very closely for safe administration of these new drugs. With dedicated people continuing to study cancer, there is always hope that one day there will be an ultimate cure for cancer.

The Emory Decatur Hospital Specialized Inpatient Oncology Unit combines a state-of-the-art inpatient cancer treatment center with a comforting environment. The unit has 35 private patient suites, each of which includes modern interior décor, wireless internet access, a flat panel TV with DVD player, microwave oven, refrigerator and tiled bathroom with stainless steel fixtures. Two patient suites also have adjoining family waiting rooms with convertible sofas to accommodate caregivers traveling long distance to support their hospitalized loved one. The unit also offers a shared family lounge with a flat panel TV, two computer stations and microwave oven and refrigerator.

Our staff is available around the clock to help patients receive the care they need to heal and the strength they need to successfully navigate their cancer journey. For more information on our Inpatient Oncology Unit in Atlanta, please call 404.501.EASY.

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