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Emory Decatur Hospital
Cancer Program FAQs

Q: I don’t have a doctor but I am having symptoms that might be related to cancer. Can you help me?

A: Yes! You can call our EASY Access line at 404.501.EASY. We will arrange for you to meet with a specialist by the next business day to diagnose your symptoms and find the right diagnosis and treatment for your problem. Most symptoms are not cancer-related but still may require medical care.

Q: My mammogram showed that I have an abnormality. It’s probably not cancer, but it might be. What should I do?

A: Call our Comprehensive Breast Care program at 404.501.PINK and an oncology-certified nurse navigator will guide you through the process of diagnosing your breast problem and coordinating the appropriate response, whether it’s breast cancer or a non-cancerous breast problem.

Q: My doctor has diagnosed me with cancer and suggested a treatment, but I’d really like a second opinion. Can the Emory Decatur Hospital Cancer Center help me with this?

A: Definitely! We are a Bloch Second Opinion institution – one of only five in the state. This means that Emory Decatur Hospital has a team of highly trained specialists who will see you within 48 hours to provide a second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment options. This can involve questions related to diagnosis, surgical options for breast, prostate or any other cancer site, and a review of suggested chemotherapy protocols or any other questions related to your suggested cancer treatment. For a second opinion, call 404.501.EASY.

Q. Are clinical trials available at Emory Decatur Hospital?

A: Yes. Emory Decatur Hospital participates in a number of clinical trials sponsored by some of the leading research groups in the country. If you are interested in knowing more about clinical trials, talk with your physician to see if you are eligible for a study. Our program is affiliated with many study bases, including the National Cancer Institute co-operative group studies. Studies are available for almost every disease site.

Q. Having cancer can be overwhelming. Do you have support programs and services that can help me and my family cope?

A: At Emory Decatur Hospital we realize that cancer is not just a diagnosis, it’s a life-changing event that affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually. We offer five patient support groups which meet weekly– the only program in the city to do this – including a co-ed group, an exercise group, a men’s group, a family group and a breast cancer group. We also offer a grief group, individual counseling, nutrition counseling and an award-winning support group for children whose parents have cancer, also the only one in the city. Many of our groups have been in existence for over 20 years!! They are proven to be beneficial in teaching patients to survive and thrive after a cancer diagnosis. For more information, call 404.501.5701.

Q. I’ve heard that nutrition can play a major part in treating cancer. Do you have a program that looks at the nutritional aspects of cancer?

A: Yes. We have an oncology nutrition specialist who will be happy to discuss your circumstances and provide guidance in this important area. Call 404.501.5701 for more information and to schedule an appointment with our oncology dietitian.

For more information about cancer in general, visit the American Cancer Society Web site at www.cancer.org. For more information about the programs and services offered through the Emory Decatur Hospital Cancer Center, call 404.501.EASY.

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