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If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you want to receive the best cancer treatment in Atlanta. You will find that at Emory Decatur Hospital. The primary focus of the physicians and staff at Emory Decatur Hospital Cancer Center is to provide superb patient service, care and cancer treatment options using the most innovative technological resources available.

The Cancer Center at Emory Decatur Hospital also incorporates Cancer Conference Roundtables, which make up a multidisciplinary team of doctors, a nurse navigator as well as the patient and their family. In these roundtables, the specialists are able to discuss surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment throughout the different stages of the patients cancer treatment and the patient, because he/she is present, is able ask questions immediately. Questions are encouraged and doctors make sure the patient understands what is discussed and why certain treatments are best for their specific cancer.

The following list outlines the various types of cancer treatments available at Emory Decatur Hospital. These include surgical options as well as types of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Click on each link below to learn more.

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