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cancer surgery

The goal of the cancer program at Emory Decatur Hospital is to deliver a cure. Curative surgery performed by a cancer surgeon is the gold standard in most cancers. It is important to remove all of a cancerous tumor, but if that is not achievable, we remove as much of the tumor as possible to minimize the amount of disease that needs to be destroyed with chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Depending on the size of the tumor and its location, we often use chemotherapy or radiation to shrink the size of the tumor before definitive surgery is performed. Sometimes, when the tumor is large or in a place where it is difficult to remove, we use surgery to debulk the cancer. That means that we remove as much disease as possible to increase the effectiveness of the other treatments.

Other Types of Cancer Surgery

Outpatient procedures are often performed by surgeons to place a catheter (inserted in a vein) to make it easier for the medical oncologist to access a vein for the delivery of chemotherapy. This is a simple procedure that patients generally welcome to avoid increased needle sticks to access a vein.

Reconstructive surgery is offered to improve physical appearance after a surgery to remove a cancer. This is regularly done for women whose breast tumor is too large or in a place where preserving the breast is not possible. Reconstructive surgeries provide amazing cosmetic results, and patients are generally quite pleased with the outcome.

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) is an advanced cancer surgery procedure where heated chemotherapy is administered directly to cancer sites during surgery performed by an oncologic surgeon. Emory Decatur Hospital was the first hospital in Georgia to offer this innovative surgical abdominal cancer treatment.

Talk with your doctor about what cancer surgery options are available for your particular disease. Or if you would like to know more about surgery at Emory Decatur Hospital, call the Emory Decatur Hospital Cancer Center at 404.501.EASY. We are available to discuss your cancer with you, get you an immediate appointment with one of our outstanding cancer doctors, or provide you with a second opinion on appropriate treatment options.

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