radiology and medical imaging

Emory Decatur Hospital offers state-of-the-art radiology and medical imaging services and facilities for a variety of inpatient and outpatient diagnostic imaging procedures. We work with some of the best Atlanta radiologists and medical imaging technologists who provide medical imaging services on our hospital campuses and through the outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Center and Diagnostic Breast Center.



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Radiology School


Emory Decatur Hospital offers a wide-range of diagnostic biopsy procedures to remove cells from a suspicious area for laboratory examination. Biopsy procedures can be performed using surgery if the suspicious area is near the skin’s surface or can be removed during surgery.

Cancer Services

Emory Decatur Hospital offers a wide-range of radiology cancer services with the latest diagnostic radiology and imaging procedures to aid in the early detection and treatment of cancer. Radiology cancer services and diagnostic imaging procedures are used to identify cancer cells, determine how the disease’s stage and develop an effective plan of treatment.

Dialysis Support

Emory Decatur Hospital offers dialysis support procedures – fistulagrams and dialysis catheters. A fistula is a passage from your kidneys that allows dialysis. Emory Decatur Hospital provides fistulagrams which are X-rays of this passage that involve special dye and X-ray equipment.

Womens Services

Emory Decatur Hospital recognizes the unique needs of women of all ages and provides comprehensive women’s health services to help women with the changing medical issues and complexities as they move through the stages in life from maternity to menopause and beyond.

Other Radiology Services

Emory Decatur Hospital offers a wide variety of radiology services. These medical imaging techniques provide less waiting time to produce the images along with higher quality images for our radiologists to review, meaning your diagnosis and treatment (if required) can starter sooner.