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surgical weight loss patient
testimonial - Eric Cox's story

Eric Cox weighed as much as 440 pounds before having Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in November 2016. For years, Eric endured lower back and ankle pain, he felt depressed and uncomfortable in his clothes and it was hard for him to find the style of clothes that he liked to wear. He also felt the pain and frustration of continuously losing then gaining his weight back.

When Eric was finally tired of the see-saw weight loss and gain, he searched for a more permanent solution. After doing research on the various types of weight loss surgery and after thoroughly discussing his options with Dr. Steinberg of DeKalb Medical Physicians Group, Surgical Associates, he decided to move forward with Sleeve surgery.

Eric Cox

Within the first two weeks after surgery, Eric lost 25 pounds. Now, with the jump start that he needed, he was motivated and determined to stick with a lifestyle that would keep his weight under control.

Eric shares a few of his best tips for staying focused:

  • he stays away from fast food restaurants,
  • he reads the food labels, checking for the ingredients, calories and sodium, and
  • he doesn’t miss a week without going to the gym.

Today, Eric is 222 pounds and has a goal to lose another 20 pounds. “I have a lot more energy now and I get to do the activities that I really enjoy doing, like horseback riding,” Eric said. He has a new lease on life, he has his energy back, no longer needs to shop at the Big and Tall store and he simply looks and feels great.

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