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Rainbowmoon - My healthcare journey

I have always been heavy, and as a little girl I was the ‘chubby’ one. About four years ago, I became alarmed at my weight and was unable to lose any significant amount of it. I was afraid for myself. I could not really exercise and was at the end of my rope in terms of dieting. I was suffering quietly and ashamed of what I saw in the mirror. I knew if I continued as I was, I was going to die. I needed help.

I went (twice!) to the seminar offered by DeKalb Medical Physicians Group for information about bariatric surgery.  I started to go to the support groups to really see and hear how people were managing after the surgery. I was encouraged by what I heard and after many months, I decided to proceed with Dr. Qammar Rashid and had a gastric bypass.

RainbowMoon Before

Dr. Rashid is an amazing person, as well as a skilled and caring surgeon. I felt her investment in me right away and this has never waned. She and her entire staff were supportive of me at every step of the process and continue to be over three years later. I know if ever have any difficulty, they are just a phone call away. And I do call.

“When someone is ready to commit to making healthy choices and you pair that with the tool of surgery, the results are life-changing,” said DeKalb Medical dietitian Brittany Jones. For RainbowMoon, the dramatic weight loss has allowed her to get her life back.

RainbowMoon After

I continue to attend support groups religiously as studies indicate that this encourages long-term success with weight maintenance. I really attend them because they are supportive and fun. The relationships I have made are important to me. Group is a safe space to learn, listen, share, laugh and cry. Life is messy and I cherish the opportunity to be with others who intentionally have saved their own lives and share similar issues and challenges.

I am beyond grateful for my experience with weight loss surgery.  My life has been restored to a place of health and my focus is on living fully again. I no longer live with fear of all the “I cant’s.” Now it is all about dancing, awaking the dreams of my heart and pursuing my passions freely.

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