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testimonial - Shalisha's story

Weight Loss Linked To Fertility

As a child growing up, weight was never an issue for Shalisha McKoy. But for far too many, ‘weight creep’ is a real issue. For McKoy, it started in her freshman year of college. Often times, weight creep starts with small changes in your diet coupled with lower activity levels and before you know it, you are overweight.

“I tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seemed to work,” she said. By the time McKoy was in her late thirties, she was 240 pounds.

In 2005, she and her husband wanted to start a family. After several unsuccessful attempts at In-vitro fertilization or IVF, the doctor told her she would never have children. “Obesity can cause hormonal changes that impair ovulation and disrupt a normal menstrual cycle. As a result, obese women may have a more difficult time becoming pregnant,” said Dr. Scott Steinberg, surgeon at DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Surgical Associates.

Baby Jessica

At the age of 40 and after trying to lose weight for several years, McKoy decided to have Sleeve surgery. “If I’m not going to have children, at least I’m going to live the rest of my life in a great body,” she laughed. She was able to go from 240 pounds to 142 pounds due to the surgery and the accompany lifestyle changes. Losing almost 100 pounds was not the miraculous part of McKoy’s story.

One day while at work, McKoy started experiencing flu-like symptoms. She wasn’t feeling better after several days and decided to go to the doctor. Before they could prescribe her medicine, they said that she needed to take a pregnancy test. She mentioned that she was told that she could not get pregnant over a decade ago so she felt that a pregnancy test was not necessary. The physician gave her the pregnancy test anyway.

After the test, the doctor came into McKoy’s room and reported the results were positive and that she was pregnant. The information didn’t quite register at first with McKoy. She continued to ask for medication to help relieve her flu-like symptoms. The doctor realized that she didn’t understand what he told her so he grabbed her by the shoulders, looked her straight in her eyes and said, “you are pregnant -- you’re having a baby.”

Tears started to roll down McKoy’s face, the nurse started crying and the doctor’s eyes welled up. It was an unforgettable moment that turned into unbridled joy for everyone in the room.

Today, the McKoy’s are enjoying their daughter Jessica who gave birth on November 16, 2016.

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