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personal fitness stories

Read about the personal fitness story of our member below.

Joanne Parker

Wellness Center Member

"When I first arrived at The Wellness Center, I didn’t know what to expect. I had a range of mixed emotions, but mainly excitement and apprehension because I had not had good experiences at other facilities that masqueraded as fitness centers. These other unpleasant event involved signing long-term contracts that usually lasted longer than my participation.

"At The Wellness Center, there are no contracts to sign and they are open seven days a week, so there is really no excuse for anyone to say, “I don’t have the time.” The hours are long enough to accommodate any schedule. It’s really a very friendly atmosphere and I have met so many people here.

"The courteous and friendly staff is waiting for you to bring your body through the door, whether young, middle-aged, senior citizens or senior plus. Whatever your age, there is something here or someone here to help get your body in shape. The beautiful thing about The Wellness Center is that you can exercise at your leisure and not have to worry about running out to feed a parking meter. It’s all taken care of when you have your parking ticket stamped at the front desk. I was all out of excuses so I joined! Once here, I began to relax and look around. I saw everyone else in The Wellness Center had similar goals: mainly, to get control of our weight and get our bodies in better shape than they were in when we first walked into the facility.

"I am especially appreciative of my personal trainer for his hard work, patience, dedication and constant tips to help me in my quest to lose and then maintain my weight. In many instances, this was a painful journey for both of us: painful to me because it hurt and painful to him because sometimes I simply couldn’t get it. He has also spent countless hours showing me how to properly use various hand weights and machines. This information was invaluable because it minimized my risk for injury."

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