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Other Women's Services
& Medical Care for Women

Emory Decatur Hospital’s state-of-the-art women’s services and facilities cater to women, providing an extensive range of women’s health services in Atlanta at both our Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Hillandale. We recognize that medical care for women goes beyond having a baby, and we offer specialized women’s health services in Atlanta that recognize the unique needs of women of all ages. We provide comprehensive women’s health services to help women with the changing medical issues and complexities as they move through the stages in life from maternity to menopause and beyond.

Our commitment is to provide medical care for women in an environment that respects their health needs and works to help them achieve optimum health and wellness. From an annual physical and PAP smear to helping you through menopause, our women’s health services help you through the emotional and physical changes and stages in your life.

Medical Care for Women

We can help you find the right medical care for women and women’s health services and physicians, ranging from those who practice gynecology and internal medicine to endocrinology and plastic surgery. Call us at 404.501.WELL to find a doctor who specializes in women’s health services in Atlanta.

Our women’s health services in Atlanta at Emory Decatur Hospital include:

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