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Department of Pastoral Services - 404.501.5148

Chaplains McClellon D. Cox
D.Min. BCC - Director of Pastoral Care
Joyce Young
M.Div. BCC - Associate Chaplain
Townley B. McGiffert, Jr.
M.Div BCC - Associate Chaplain
Janet Speer

Within the context of the mission and vision of our system, the Department of Pastoral Care attends to the spiritual needs of those in need. As board certified professional chaplains, we attend to the spiritual needs of the patients, families, physicians and staff of our related facilities. It is our mission to nourish the soul of the hospital, assisting any endeavor that advances the well-being of our community. We do this through teaching, listening, praying and helping to identify the spiritual needs of those who need our services.

Service of Hope and Healing

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Place: Stubbs Auditorium, 2665 Professional Building

This ecumenical service is open to all who wish to participate in seeking God’s grace: patients, family members, physicians, employees, volunteers, building tenants and the Emory Decatur Hospital community. Join us for music, prayer and spiritual inspiration. Contact the Pastoral Care department for more information or for our next scheduled service.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests can be dropped off in the prayer boxes located in the chapel areas in each of our hospital locations. The Pete & Jerri Pike Chapel is located on the 1st floor of the Decatur location near the central admission and information desk. A prayer box is located in the chapel at Hillandale and in the meditation area at the Emory Long-Term Acute Care.

Grief Groups

In response to many requests for a grief group, Pastoral Services is pleased to offer this service to families who have lost a loved one or suffered some other loss. The group will deal with different types and stages of grief, as well as the spiritual and practical issues involved. The group will be led by Reverend T. J. McGiffert and Reverend Joyce Young. To learn more about our Grief Groups, click here, and if you or any member of your family would like to attend, please call 404.501.5148 to inquire about our next group session.

Other Services

  • Upon request, chaplains will meet with employees and patients for individual sessions as may be required
  • Spiritual support of patients, families and staff
  • Diversity education
  • Staff development in areas of team building and conflict resolution
  • Crisis intervention/emergency calls. Critical Incident Stress Management interventions (CISM)
  • Community presentations (seminars, worship, etc.)
  • Distribution of Bibles and spiritual literature to patients
  • Facilitation of Support Groups
  • Liaison with community religious organizations

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