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Physician appointments are available Monday through Friday. Please call 770.979.8080 to schedule your appointment.

Prescription Refills

During the course of your treatment, it may be necessary for the physician to prescribe medications. The following policy will be strictly enforced. All medications prescribed will be with the approval of our licensed physicians. All narcotic (pain) medication will be prescribed based on the following:

  • The patient will obtain the prescribed medication from one of our physician/PA only. If it is discovered that the patient is obtaining the same prescription from another source, no refills will be given. It is the patient’s responsibility to notify our practice if they are receiving another narcotic from a different physician.
  • The patient will take the prescribed medication exactly as prescribed by the physician. Should the patient feel they require more pain medication than has been prescribed, they must contact the physician for approval to change the dosage.
  • The patient understands no prescriptions will be refilled early. NO ALLOWANCES will be made for lost prescriptions or medication taken in a manner other than exactly as prescribed.
  • Under no circumstances will a prescription be refilled if the physician has not seen the patient within a 3-month period. You will be required to make an appointment to see the doctor and he will determine at that visit if additional medication is needed.
  • Under no circumstances will the physician/PA write a prescription for a family member, friend, etc., without seeing them first as a patient. You should never allow another individual to take your medication.
  • Once the physician determines the medication is no longer necessary to manage your pain, no refills will be issued.
  • You are required to keep track of your prescription refills and call 48 hours in advance for renewal of a prescription. NO refills will be given after business hours or on weekends. Certain medications cannot be refilled or called to a pharmacy and must be handwritten. Please allow 5 to 7 days for these prescriptions to be mailed.

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