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Emory at Decatur Primary Care (Scott Boulevard)

Welcome to the office of Dr. Steven A Patten. Emory at Decatur Primary Care (Scott Boulevard) is an Internal Medicine/Geriatric practice with an emphasis on preventive medicine. Scott Boulevard Internal Medicine was formed on the premise of utilizing technology to bring down the high cost of medical care by improving clinical outcomes and promoting health. We believe good health is cheaper than poor health both to achieve and maintain. We believe strongly in evidenced-based practice and melding literature review and clinical research with practical application. Above all, we believe compassion is the hallmark of good medicine.

Our practice is part of Atlanta’s Emory Decatur Hospital network of healthcare services. This means that our patients are able to promptly obtain a full range of diagnostic tests, including X-rays, CT scans, MRI, and ultrasound at any of the Emory Decatur Hospital facilities that are most convenient. When urgent medical care by a specialist is necessary, we are able to facilitate appointments and referrals for our patients to one of the more than 800 physicians on staff.

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