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ABOUT Emory Decatur Hospital Podiatry Residency Program

Affiliation with the Podiatry Institute

Founded as a non-profit organization in 1978 by the members of the Podiatry Department of the hospital, the Podiatry Institute is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in foot, ankle and leg surgery. The Institute headquarters, located in the medical office building adjacent to Emory Decatur Hospital, houses one of the largest collections of videos, slides and computer images of reconstructive surgery of the foot, ankle and leg. Residents at Emory Decatur Hospital are provided the opportunity to learn teaching and lecturing skills with the assistance of the Podiatry Institute. Furthermore, residents have the opportunity to travel to many of the seminars across the country that are conducted by the Podiatry Institute each year. Cadaver limbs are also made available to residents for anatomic study and in preparation for surgery. Through the Podiatry Institute, residents are able to interact with organization members in the United States and overseas to enhance training, knowledge and life experiences.

Nationally and Internationally Recognized Educators
No other hospital can compare with the experience and talent of our podiatry staff. Many of the attending surgeons at Emory Decatur Hospital are recognized nationally and internationally as the leading surgeons and educators of foot, ankle and leg pathology. Many of the surgeons have numerous publications and have contributed chapters to McGlamry's Comprehensive Textbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery, as well as to the annual Podiatry Institute Update. In addition, the podiatry staff at Emory Decatur Hospital is composed of a number of other surgeons with extensive training and experience - not only in podiatric medicine and surgery, but in education as well. If you want to know what the training experience at Emory Decatur Hospital can do for you, simply look at our graduates. Many have served as full time faculty members at colleges of podiatric medicine or hold positions in professional organizations.

A Diversity of Pathology and Training Experiences
Patients come to Emory Decatur Hospital from all over the country for the treatment of complex problems and complicated conditions including post-operative complications and post-traumatic injuries. A tertiary referral center for podiatric care, the surgeons at Emory Decatur Hospital offer residents extensive exposure to widely diverse conditions and resulting procedures.

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